Monday Vinyasa Flow

6:00 - 7.15pm

Drop in class, all welcome 


This fun and engaging class includes all the fundamentals of Vinyasa flow and links the breath to movements throughout sun salutations, strong standing poses, balancing postures, seated and reclining poses, backbends, and core isolation.
Gentle to moderate


Monday Free    Frontline Yoga 

7:30 - 8:15pm

Drop in class, all welcome


We are excited to offer a free weekly class to frontline workers: incl: police, firefighters, paramedics, Defence force members, medical professionals, RFS/SES volunteers and their supporters.

Members of the public are welcome by donation. All classes are taught with trauma sensitive guidelines and are therefore suitable for those with stress, anxiety and PTSD. The classes focus on developing mental and physical strength and are suitable for all levels including beginners.

See for details on other free Frontline Yoga classes around Canberra and for more information on how you can support this fantastic initiative 


Wednesday Gentle Yoga

6.45 - 8:00pm

Drop in class, all welcome


This class is for those with little or no yoga experience and people looking for a beautiful stretch and to relax. Enjoy the focus on breath work, strengthening, lengthening and a range of less demanding yoga postures.
Gentle to moderate



Workshops, private classes and wellbeing coaching available.

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Saturday Morning Practice

9:00 - 10:15am

Drop in class, all welcome 


All welcome, no need to book
Morning classes provide a wonderful way to start the day. This Vinyasa/Hatha blend class offers comprehensive coverage of yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices designed to meet students' needs. Suitable for beginners and those wanting to expand their practice (moderate class). 


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