Yin Yoga Sound Bath & Kirtan

Yin Yoga Sound Bath & Kirtan 

Torrens Community Yoga is holding two special events in collaboration with Absolute Chanting (Vanessa and Steve). 

22 April 2017

Yin Yoga Sound Bath - 5:30pm $25 per ticket (NUMBERS STRICTLY LIMITED)
Kirtan - 7:00pm $30 per ticket

Yin Yoga Sound Bath- during this practice we combine gentle and restorative yin yoga poses with deep droning of the didgeridoo and Native American Flutes.  Join us for rest, rejuvenation, and transformation.  You need no previous experience with either yoga or sound healing.  

Kirtan - based on ancient chants, kirtan quietens the mind and soothes the soul.  Sit on the floor (or in one of the chairs available) and join Steve and Vanessa in an uplifting call and response practice.  As we chant together voices merge and when the music stops, the mind is quiet.

To confirm your ticket or for more information please email us  at torrenscommunityyoga@outlook.com.au. Or make your payment to Torrens Community Yoga:

BSB 112-908
ACC 487 702 804

Debbie & Georgie